Dr Ramprasad Gaddipati

Chairman, Harvest International Schools

I have known Dr Dakshayini Kanna for a decade, since the inception of Harvest International School. She has been instrumental in bringing up the institution to what it is today. Her extensive knowledge of K-12 educational scenarios and experience in working with schools in India and abroad, gives her the expertise of being an exceptional educational leader. Dr Dakshayini builds and leads the team with ease. Her man management skills are amazing and her team always is motivated, ready to work for her as they feel respected, recognized and see a growth path for themselves. She trains them on curriculum development and implementation, instructional design and aligns learning with real-world applications. Her training sessions are very effective and bring in quality, accountability and shared learning amongst teachers. Our vision of taking "education beyond classrooms"has been possible only because of teacher empowerment and school culture that has been built by her. A true academician at heart, she has provided opportunities to create meaningful academic experiences to teachers and students. A strong administrator and a warm human being, with prowess in quality management, she leads from the front ensuring effective and focused teachers’ team, a desirable work culture, charged student body and a parent community which feels heard and valued. I wish her great success in her new endeavor as she continues to impact the K-12 education sector.


Dr Sawaldas Jethani

Chairman- Chrysalis High Group of Schools

I met Dr. Kanna first in 2006 at Café Coffee day when I was looking for my first Principal. Being new in the field of education myself, I did not know how to judge a candidate. However, one thing which came out very apparent was her honesty. We ended up working together, me not realizing that it would be such a mutually enriching relationship. For life. Long after we had stopped working together, I was stuck & approached her for some help. She did not even blink an eye. That is Dakshayini for you. One of the finest human beings you will ever come across. And that is the first thing I look at, while dealing with people. She comes in with tremendous knowledge, accompanied with such humility. Across time, she has attracted amazing people into her circle who are always there for her. She might not have a solution immediately; but she is definitely going to find one. Whatever she does, you can be sure of few things – transparency, honesty & commitment.


Mr Venkatesh Koravadi


I have known Dr Dakshayini Kanna for the past 17 years. I have worked with her closely when she managed the dual roles of Founder Principal and Director of Academics. Dakshayini is a people’s person, a born leader, a mentor for teachers and above all a competent and a strong academician. I have seen her working meticulously on Instructional Design collaborating with two American Schools and with Dr Kala Jayaraman, an educationalist in the US to develop integrated curriculum for the school. She had groomed leaders, trained teachers, implemented innovative practices at school and built a ‘happy’ school culture. Even after her departure from school, she continued to guide the school in areas such as CBSE higher secondary school affiliation process, IB application process, leadership recruitment, etc. Dr. Kanna leads by example and sets the bar high. She brings the vision of the organization into action with ease. Her in-depth knowledge in K-12 education, experience with Indian and International Boards coupled with professional ethics and integrity, makes her the most effective and reliable team leader. I am sure Dr. Dakashayini Kanna will continue to add immense value to the teaching community by providing quality services and training particularly in the context of implementing NEP 2020 and remote learning/teaching. I wish her the best in her new venture.


Dr Sridhar G

Founder - Deeksha

I just wanted to share a quick note of gratitude on the support and guidance to Dr Dakshayini Kanna, Founder, DK Education has provided Deeksha in establishing various institutions. Her support has been two-fold. Firstly, at the time of establishing a school, her understanding of the education boards and their processes was instrumental in helping us obtain the necessary affiliations from the CBSE board. Dr Dakshayini, guided our team very ably through the whole affiliation process. She guided us in preparing for the inspection, set expectations, helped us to do all the necessary documentation was and finally journeyed with us through the entire affiliation process. Contrary to our fears, the affiliation process was actually very smooth and easy due to her guidance. However, I personally believe the greater impact was after the institute was set up. Dr Dakshayini conducted various workshops and programs for our teachers and staff. These programs have been invaluable. Not only did these programs helped align teachers to new teaching methodologies and teaching aids, they helped & reinforced the right attitudes &behavior in our teachers and staff, which in turn established the values and culture that today, have become synonymous with an institution. Thank you, Dr Dakshayini. I am sure that D K Education will help us and many more schools to do well! We wish you all the very best and look forward for continued association. Dr. G. Sridhar Founder, Deeksha


Mr. Er. E. Lekshmanan

Founder & Chairman, Comorin International School

We started Comorin in 2008 with the aim to deliver world class education in an ideal learning environment. We were constantly looking for the right people to lead this institution and achieve our aims. Since the school was located far from urban centres, it was difficult to find an ideal fit for the school leadership. Mr. Thomas Mathew, a former consultant of the South African Education Department, referred us to Dr. Dakshayini Kanna. Since 2008, Dr. Dakshayini has helped us to identify and recruit excellent school principals, work towards high standards and quality education by empowering teachers to come up with innovative teaching methods. She was instrumental in helping us set up processes and get right people on board as she is well connected with the educator community in India. Her resourcefulness and adaptability played critical role in finding and training great teachers and leaders within the set timeline. She has always been receptive to our school’s needs and has been quick to solve academic issues with great efficiency. Her reliability is the reason for our repeated patronage. We hope to continue this successful relationship to continue for years to come. Sincerely, Er. E. Lekshmanan Founder & Chairman Comorin International School


Mr. Prodipta Hore

Program Director - ABEA and Co-ordinator International Initiatives - ABWA Aditya Birla Education Academy | Aditya Birla World Academy

Dr. Dakshayini Kanna, mentor to Aditya Birla Education Academy is passionate about Teachers Upskilling and her mission seems to equip teachers of the present generation whether experienced or inexperienced with real world skills that inspire creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking –thus transforming them into change makers. Her boundless enthusiasm, compassion, and resourcefulness are just a few of the many qualities she brings to the team. As our team mentor, she is always ready to listen to ideas, providing counsel and guidance on every aspect. She inspires us to challenge limits. We admire her exemplifying work ethic and dedication. With her, we have learnt entirely new ways of thinking and she made us realize that we can do things that we never thought we were capable of. We started ABEA with the dream of making a difference in the lives of teachers. Dr Kanna’s contribution will go a long way in helping realising the true potential of teachers everywhere. It is heartening to see her spirit in these trying times, and her role in helping our community move to the new normal is inspiring. We members of ABEA will be ever grateful to her for all her support.