For Schools

Services for schools

  • Application Assistance/ Preparation for accreditation/ affiliation.
  • Academic Handholding
  • - Pedagogical support and Instructional design
    - Curriculum design and implementation
    - Teacher training and academic audits
  • School quality audits and enhancement services.
  • Administration Support (Creating customized Manuals and Handbooks (Teacher, Admin, HR, Inclusion, Safety and Security, Discipline, SoPs, School policies etc.,). Pedagogical planners, Annual planners, Calendar formats, LP formats and other documentation formats.
  • Any other services as per the school’s requirement.

Professional Development Programs

For Principals:

  • Leading Change, Leadingthe team and Leading Institutions.
  • Understanding NEP 2020 and leading the implementation.
  • Being a perfect Principal – Pedagogical & Administrative leadership
  • Preparing for school Accreditation / affiliation
  • Quality tools, benchmarking, improving educational processes.
  • Creating a safe institution with SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timebound) goals.
  • Creating the second line of leadership and leading school to excellence.
  • Practicing SEL and Inclusivity in schools.
  • Being a 21st Century Principal
  • Creating a desirable school culture (Values, Ethics, and Integrity)
  • Professional communication.
  • FDP, Goal setting and 360-degree staff appraisal

For Emerging Leaders (VPs, HMs, Coordinators, Vertical Heads) :

    Along with the above-mentioned sessions,

  • Leadership & Team management (Specific)
  • Strategic planning and documentation wrt to the job assigned.
  • Communication, Critical thinking & Problem solving.